The Unexpected

When were in love we always think of something special to show to the person we love that we appreciate him. That we value every bad and good things we shared with him. On our third wedding anniversary I wanted something special to commemorate this event.  That despite of the challenges in life we couple remain strong.

bali, indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

I’ve always wanted to go on a romantic getaway to treat ourselves from daily stress on work. My husband and I discussed it and plan for this trip. And because my husband has no time to organize a trip, so I did all the planning. What I did I choose an island that is safe with good weather, less risk on health problems and I choose Bali, Indonesia.

I choose Bali because of its lovely ambiance perfect to celebrate our anniversary. After days of planning for our itinerary and when everything is packed my husband called me to say that the trip is cancelled. He has to go to the Philippines that day because of a business meeting. I can’t explain my feelings at that moment. I was confused and angry because he knew of our plan and yet he decided to go to the Philippines.

boracay island, philippines

Boracay, Philippines

After that conversation, I grab my purse and stay in a hotel. My husband kept calling me but I just ignore his calls all day. When I knew my husband already left the country I head home and saw a sorry letter and a plane ticket to the Philippines. I was about to tear it but then I saw a catalog about Boracay. I’ve heard of it but I never imagine going there. After reading it I was shocked that I wanted to visit the island.

When we were in Boracay, I was amazed of its beautiful wonders. We went scuba diving, island hopping, and parasailing. We also tried their delicious delicacies. My husband and I enjoy eating grilled seafood’s like squid and tilapia or milk fish. When we are tired from walking around we just laid at the beach while sipping fresh juice or milk tea. Speaking of milk tea, my husband is really fond of drinking this beverage whenever his at home I always make him this refreshment. And if you’re looking for a reliable milk tea supplier visit this page.

We spend most of our time walking around the shores and talking. He knew about the business trip after we plan to go to Bali and he can’t bear to tell me that we can’t go to there so he secretly plan a trip to Boracay so that he won’t ruin our wedding anniversary. And it made me smile then I realized that it doesn’t matter where we are as long as were together and happy. What do you think guys, is my husband is sweet or not? lol