Brazil inspects tourism agencies operating in Rio

São Paulo, Brazil – The death of Spanish tourist Maria Esperanza Jimenez inside the Rocinha favela community, Brazil’s Tourism Ministry began to look at tourism agencies, guides and providers operating within the capital.

Christ the Redeemer is one of Rio’s most popular tourist spots

Christ the Redeemer is one of Rio’s most popular tourist spots

According to Nilo Sergio Felix, Rio’s Tourism Secretary, this week’s inspections had been already at the government’s schedule, but due to current events had been moved up.

“Our state asked for the anticipation of the work in Rio de Janeiro because we understand that tourism is one of the fastest growing segments and that it needs continuous surveys for an excellent service for our visitors,” Felix told reporters.

According to officials the intention of the inspectors is to confirm if accommodations, tourism agencies, companies and guides, running in the city of Rio de Janeiro are following the country’s General Law of Tourism. Fines for irregularities will vary from r$1,186 to r$854,000.

Tamara Barros, supervisor of tourism service providers at the ministry explained that the focus of inspectors may be on the guides. “Our goal is to create a network where qualification, investments, registration and supervision enter. We want tourism to grow in a safe way. In this way the tourist can take advantage, in each state and city, of the best each place can offer,” she told reporters.

For American-Brazilian Evan Farr, of the Jinga Experience adventure tourism company the new steps taken by authorities can also help raise tourist interest in structured tours across the city.

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“I believe that these new inspections will help tourists feel more comfortable when making decisions of choosing a tour guide or tour company. More importantly this will force tour guides and tour agencies to prioritize the safety of tourists, as well as receive the appropriate orientation by the Ministry of Tourism to make the necessary adjustments,” Farr says.

For others worried in tourism round Rio, the inspections are only part of what is needed to draw tourists to the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City).

“I think there will be added pressure on tourist guides and agencies to establish and demonstrate their credibility, but they will have to go beyond passing the government’s inspection to be competitive,” American expatriate in Rio and owner of Gringo Café, Sam Flowers tells The Rio Times.

“Just like in our case at Gringo, we pass health department and other inspections, but we have to impress customers in several more ways to actually attract them,” concludes Flowers.

As for rumors of a probable ban of favela tours, Secretary Felix discarded any talks of prohibiting tourism in the communities due to improved violence in the regions.

The Gringo Café owner agrees, going in addition and saying that the majority of foreign visitors aren’t first-time travelers. “I think that people that visit Brazil are typically savvy travelers and they look out for their own well being by depending on personal references and peer reviews when choosing guides and other services,” concludes Flowers.

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Two rebels killed in bomb blast in Thailand

Two rebel were killed in Thailand’s violence-plagued south after a bomb they were transporting prematurely detonated, the military.

voilence in thailand

Their deaths came during a night of violence crosswise over 11 regions in three of Thailand’s southern-most provinces near the outskirt of Malaysia. More than twelve explosive and bomb attacks also injured eight civilians and officials.

No group claimed responsibility regarding the attacks, which targeted police headquarters and checkpoints.

“This is the work of people who want to cause chaos. It looks like their intention wasn’t to kill but rather to cause disorder,” Colonel Yutthanam Petchmuang told Reuters news agency.

Military representative Pramote Prom-in recognized the dead as “insurgent operation leaders”.

Thailand is mostly Buddhist yet parts of the south are majority Muslim. The region has been tormented by a long-running separatist uprising as ethnic Malay rebels fight Thai troops for more self-governance from the Buddhist-majority state.

Bombings and drive-by shootings are regular in Thailand’s south, where more than 6,800 individuals, mostly civilians, have been killed since 2004.

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The nation’s southernmost border areas, previous Muslim sultanates, were attached by Bangkok more than a century ago.

The military, which seized power in a 2014 coup, has held a few rounds of negotiations with one group that claims to represent to the rebels, the Mara Patani.

But the negotiations have failed to make progress and many doubt the rebel negotiators have clout over fighters on the ground.

The biggest group initiating the insurgency, the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN), issued an uncommon statement prior this month restating its resistance to the present Thai army-led peace talks.

The military declines to talk with the BRN despite the fact that most analysts say Mara Patani has little influence over those doing the actual fighting.

BRN has said it will only come to the table if a third-party mediates the talks and international observers are permitted, demands Thailand’s military has over and over declined to accept.


A Guide to Choosing Your Business Coverage

Every business should be covered by business insurance. If business owners attempt to proceed without, they are exposing their whole business to serious hazards. When businesses are not covered even by general business insurance, one court case or workplace accident can easily deplete all the company’s resources and force the business into bankruptcy.

If you are a newly established business and you are unsure which business coverage to opt for, you should study the various types of business insurance first. Depending on your type of business and the extent of coverage you prefer, there is an applicable business insurance for you. Some of the most common business insurances are general liability business insurance, umbrella liability business insurance, property or casualty insurance, Business interruption insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and disability and life insurance.

General liability insurance is the kind of business insurance that will protect you if someone gets wounded inside your business establishment. Any injuries brought about by the product or service you put up for sale is also insured by the general liability business insurance. However, because it is only a general liability insurance there are any exceptions to its coverage so it is suggested that you acquire umbrella liability business insurance. 

When you want a gap filling insurance that covers all the other things not insured by your other types of insurance, the umbrella liability insurance is for you. This is recommended for businesses or companies that is prone to accidents or that has a complex working environment. It protects you from having to be responsible for a whopping amount of fees due to the unpredictable hazards at work.

Property business insurance offers coverage for risks to property such as fire, weather damage or theft. It is advised that you get a comprehensive property insurance, which is the one that indicates to insure all risks or all perils, which covers pretty much everything from natural disasters to human-induced damage to your business property. It is recommended that you find an insurance property that specifies to rebuild the structure keeping in mind its current cost.

If the area of your business is susceptible to having earthquakes, storms, or blackouts that could potentially close your business for several weeks and sometimes months, it is a good idea to get a business interruption insurance. This type of business insurance is best for situations when great hurricanes strike that not only disrupt business but also disrupt lives. Business interruption insurance will cover all your losses from the time the business disruption happened to the time you resume business again once it is rebuilt.

Businesses with employees are required to have workers’ compensation business insurance. It essentially takes care of the all the medical fees and lost salaries of workers who met an accident on the workplace. Compensation for employees who have died or who have been permanently disabled is also covered by the workers’ compensation insurance. 

Disability and life business insurance protects the business against loss of valuable and significant employees because of death or disability. This type of business insurance covers the money associated to the disposition of a business interest upon loss of the key person in the business. If a partner of the company dies with the business all planned out and assured the amount of funds of the insurance can be utilized by the business to purchase the share of key person who passed away.

A special kind of business insurance that can be a combination of the types of business coverage mentioned is called scripted business policy insurance. For companies who are very much complex in structure, this type of business insurance allows them to specify the type of coverage they want. This is common for famous celebrities.

There is no doubt that business insurance gives companies a peace of mind from unexpected loss from lawsuits, workers’ injuries, property damage, disruption in business and death. To keep business operations from going despite these unforeseen events, business coverage is but necessary. Don’t wait until disasters strike before you your business is covered.

The Unexpected

When were in love we always think of something special to show to the person we love that we appreciate him. That we value every bad and good things we shared with him. On our third wedding anniversary I wanted something special to commemorate this event.  That despite of the challenges in life we couple remain strong.

bali, indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

I’ve always wanted to go on a romantic getaway to treat ourselves from daily stress on work. My husband and I discussed it and plan for this trip. And because my husband has no time to organize a trip, so I did all the planning. What I did I choose an island that is safe with good weather, less risk on health problems and I choose Bali, Indonesia.

I choose Bali because of its lovely ambiance perfect to celebrate our anniversary. After days of planning for our itinerary and when everything is packed my husband called me to say that the trip is cancelled. He has to go to the Philippines that day because of a business meeting. I can’t explain my feelings at that moment. I was confused and angry because he knew of our plan and yet he decided to go to the Philippines.

boracay island, philippines

Boracay, Philippines

After that conversation, I grab my purse and stay in a hotel. My husband kept calling me but I just ignore his calls all day. When I knew my husband already left the country I head home and saw a sorry letter and a plane ticket to the Philippines. I was about to tear it but then I saw a catalog about Boracay. I’ve heard of it but I never imagine going there. After reading it I was shocked that I wanted to visit the island.

When we were in Boracay, I was amazed of its beautiful wonders. We went scuba diving, island hopping, and parasailing. We also tried their delicious delicacies. My husband and I enjoy eating grilled seafood’s like squid and tilapia or milk fish. When we are tired from walking around we just laid at the beach while sipping fresh juice or milk tea. Speaking of milk tea, my husband is really fond of drinking this beverage whenever his at home I always make him this refreshment. And if you’re looking for a reliable milk tea supplier visit this page.

We spend most of our time walking around the shores and talking. He knew about the business trip after we plan to go to Bali and he can’t bear to tell me that we can’t go to there so he secretly plan a trip to Boracay so that he won’t ruin our wedding anniversary. And it made me smile then I realized that it doesn’t matter where we are as long as were together and happy. What do you think guys, is my husband is sweet or not? lol

Get To Know Some Great Davao Beach Resorts

Here in the Philippines located At Davao City, has some of best beach resorts that tourist best recommended.

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  • Found at Punta Dumalag, Matina Davao City, Davao Seagull Resort is the only white seaside in the town as as opposed to its neighboring beaches. The sea h2o of the seashore is warm and serene. Seagull delivers day time and overnight accommodations for a provider price of P495 to one,five hundred for each cottage relying on the size and features. Swimmers can appreciate riding a jet ski that can be rented for the duration of day time. It also has slides for kids and a cafe inside of the premises providing you a comprehensive relatives beach knowledge.
  • Punta del Sol seashore resort supplies a soothing and entertaining expertise. It is along the seashores and a 20 moment boat experience from Sta. Ana wharf. 1 of the primary points of interest of Punta del Sol is snorkeling.
  • Isla Reta is a cozy tiny resort positioned at Talicud Island in samal acquiring the official name of IGACOS. Just like the other seashores of the Samal Team of Islands, Isla Reta Seashore Resort is a guarantee of white sand beach and pristine crystal blue waters. Isla Reta since is the upcoming greatest resort to Paradise Island in Samal. It is a thirty moment bangka trip absent from the coast of Davao City. It is a good place to take it easy and get pleasure from. The resort presents cost-effective cottage charges and the entrance price is P150 for the adults. If you plan to go to Isla Reta, it is best that you convey foods with you considering that the resort doesn’t have fancy places to eat.
  • Paradise Island is certainly the most renowned seashore resort in Davao. It is located in the Island of Samal. The resort promises a broad accessibility, reasonably priced services selling price, friendly team, a powdery white sand and pristine blue waters. You will need to trip a ferry boat to get to the Paradise Island. Amongst the obsession of the beach front personnel is cleanliness that you will be shocked of how swift they clean up the location when they see litters and garbage scattered close to the place. Paradise Island also has a mini zoo the place you can see various varieties of birds and unique animals. Overnight stays will involve you to decide on the cottage of your choice that can charges P1,500 to P3,000.
  • The Island Buenavista is an unique island resort in Samal, Davao, Philippines, flourishing with lush tropical vegetation and numerous palm trees. A white sandy beach front, as effectively as crystal crystal clear waters of the Davao Gulf, envelops this four-hectare paradise. Numerous meters from the seashore, you will come across lovely coral reefs and abundant marine existence–creating Buenavista a exceptional diving place as well.
Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark

Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark

  • Bluejaz Resort and Waterpark is the initial location for fun and adventure in the southern Philippine Islands.The resort is situated both by vehicle ferry or passenger ferry a small distance absent from Davao Global Airport. Facilities consist of water skiing, kayaking, wake-boarding and diving. do not neglect the longest waterslides in the Philippines are below in Bluejaz. If you are seeking for relaxation we propose swimming in the obvious blue waters of just one of our refreshing drinking water swimming pools or take pleasure in the pearly white sands of our resorts non-public seaside.
  • Cannibad Beach front Resort in Barangay Aundanao on Samal Island is a fantastic area to go if you want to get away from the sound of honking car and tense lifestyle in the area.It is just a handful of minutes journey from Davao Area furthermore a ten minute stroll downhill ahead of you achieve the Cannibad Cove with pearly white sand and irresistible amazing waters.
Hof Gorei Beach Resort

Hof Gorei Beach Resort

  • Hof Gorei Resort is accredited by Philippines’ Division of Tourism. These are constructed with strong resources, but the sufficient of indigenous elements like bamboo, cogon grass, nipa and wooden for furnishing is highly obvious.


Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

  • Located in the Southern Place of the region, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the Davao’s very possess Boracay Island. The resort is positioned forty five-minutes away from the wharf. Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a 14 hectare land that applied to be a pearl farm wherever in countless numbers of oysters from Sulu Sea had been cultivated for gold, white and pink pearls. Currently, it has turn out to be a resort that guarantees a heat, calm and non-public retreat. The resort caters a good deal of routines such as rigolade like tennis, h2o passe-temps including banana boat rides, wind browsing, jet skiing, scuba diving and kayaks. The resort caters deluxe home accommodations which includes 73 suites, guestrooms, cottages, and maranao villas.

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